Back Pain Diagnostic and Management Center

Neurologist A. Gaubas provides consultations and treatment. Back pain management without surgical intervention in case of intervertebral disc hernia, neck and derriere pain caused by other reasons (IDD therapy).

When you arrive to the Back Pain Diagnostic and Management Center, you must bring along a NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) image; those over 40 years of age should have results of bone mineral density analysis with them. It is recommended to have an orthopedic belt.

If you feel discomfort and back, neck, and low back pain, if you find it difficult to move, work, lead an active life, if you feel the pain and wish to return to active, healthy, and pain-free life, the modern Back Pain Management Center is here to help you. The Center is fitted with effective and high-quality equipment. Advanced, internationally recognized diagnostics and treatment methods and means are used in the Center:
— IDD therapy (Intervertebral Disc Decompression therapy) by using Accu-SPINA equipment made in USA. It is a precise, computer-controlled spinal column rehabilitation device, which eliminates the causes of back pain and stimulates the healing process. Due to reduction of interdiscal pressure during the treatment period intervertebral discal area receives more water, oxygen, and nutrient materials, thereby rehydrating and reconstructing degenerated discs in a natural way. It is a safe, sparing back pain treatment without surgical intervention, which does not require injections or drugs, long-term rehabilitation, and loss of work. The course of treatment consists of 10-20 procedures with each lasting for 25 min. The treatment is applied in case of:

  • Discal hernia;
  • Sciatic nerve pain;
  • Degenerative disc diseases;
  • Facet syndrome;
  • General derriere or neck pain.

If back pain prevents you from enjoying a full and productive life, our Back Pain Management Center can provide the solution you are looking for.
If you wish to start your health-improvement journey, please contact us at:
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Back Pain Diagnostic and Management Center
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Treatment of Spasm with Accu-SPINA Apparatus (IDD Therapy):

Spinal Stretching Procedure (25 min)


The chair neurological primary consultation


The chair neurological repeated consultation


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